Regional co-operation and integration in Asia /

Fukasaku, Kiichiro (Ed.)

Regional co-operation and integration in Asia / edited by Kiichiro Fukasaku. - Paris : Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 1995. - 260 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.

This volume contains contributions from participants in the first conference of the International Forum on Asian Perspectives. The conference, entitled 'Regional Co-operation and Integration in Asia', was held in Paris on 3-4 July 1995

Part 1: Asian Economic Co-operation Perspectives -- Opening Remarks -- Opening Remarks --- India's Economic Reform and Regional Co-operation -- Opportunities and Challenges for Economic Co-operation OECD Countries and Developing Asia -- Norway and Asia -- A French Contribution to Asian Regional Co-operation -- Asian Pacific Development Experience and its Implications for Regional Co-operation -- China and Asian regional Co-operation -- A View from the Private Sector -- A Business Scenario for the Future in Asia -- Vietnam and Regional Economic Co-operation -- Closing Remarks -- Part 2: Regional Co-operation and Integration -- Introduction and Overview -- Intra-Asian Trade: Trends and Prospects -- Evolving Trade Links between Europe and Asia: Towards "Open Continentalism?" -- Financial lows to and Capital Markets in Asia -- Asian Economic Co-operation: Opportunities and Challenges -- Economic Co-operation in the Greater Mekong Subregion

The book presents the major contributions to the seminar as well as remarks by eminent personalities from Asia, Europe and the Americas. The conclusions are tentative but reflect a belief that formal regional concertation, already manifesting itself in the so-called "growth triangles", for example, is probable. The benefits for co-ordination, however, will not accrue to Asian economies alone: the region's partners worldwide will be encouraged to help support some types of co-ordination.


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