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Access and Privileges

The Library collections are made available for use to all bonafide students, faculty, administrators, officials and staff of the Development Academy of the Philippines every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 7:00am to 3:00pm (with noon break). To comply with the health protocols and with the limitations of space and staff, visiting privileges will be made possible by pre-arranged visits. Researchers from other institutions (except researchers from government agencies) may use the library for a nominal fee of Php100.00 and a referral letter from the Librarian of his/her institution.

Borrowing Policy

Students currently enrolled, faculty, staff and administrators of the Development Academy of the Philippines may borrow materials upon presentation of a valid identification card (ID). They are allowed to borrow a maximum of three (3) books for one (1) week.

Faculty members of the Graduate School of Public and Development Management (GSPDM) and Public Management and Development Program (PMDP) duly endorsed by the Learning Manager may borrow five (5) books at a given period. The loan period may vary depending on his/her engagement as a Resource Person/Consultant of the Program.

Renewal of Borrowed Library Materials

All library loans are renewable, if no one else requested for the material. Library users are limited to two (2) renewals per month. Renewals may be done by phone call or by email. (631-0921 loc. 134 | javiermt@dap.edu.ph)

Research and Reference Service

Information on particular topics or interests is routed to concerned individuals. This information may be reproduced or culled from relevant sources.

Interlibrary Research

A referral letter will be issued by the Library Manager to facilitate readers’ needs to do an in-depth research into resources that are available in other libraries.

Fines and Charges

In view of delinquent borrowers and lost books, sanctions are deemed necessary so as to not deprive other borrowers from use of these learning materials. Overdue charges become payable one (1) day after the loan period has expired.

Overdue books shall accrue a penalty charge of Php10.00 per day (including Saturdays and Sundays). Regardless of user status, unreturned overdue books as well as unresolved financial accounts in the library, including fines and lost books, may result in temporary loss of borrowing privileges until the items are returned or library charges and/or fines are paid. In the case of GSPDM students, unsettled library accounts at the end of the program are sent to the Registrar’s Office for diploma and transcript holds

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